Steve Fearson


Steve Fearson is recognized worldwide as one of the most creative minds in magic today. He has created illusions exclusively for David Copperfield and also for magicians in general, including his “Fantastic Floatation.” Fearson is also the first to start an online magic shop with instant downloads of tricks,

In 1998, I emailed him a few questions and this is how he responded.

Steve Fearson: I'll try to answer your questions, let's see...

Mini-Wizard: What magicians have influenced you?

Steve Fearson: I would say that David Copperfield is responsible for initially sparking my interest in magic. When I began to perform myself though, I became interested in close-up and I was inspired by many magicians like David Williamson, Daryl Martinez and Gary Kurtz--to name a few.

Mini-Wizard: How do you come up with your effects?

Steve Fearson: That is a tough one. Obviously, there is no exact system or I would come out with a new hit trick every week. I just seem to get inspired once in a while. I usually come up with ideas in bunches of two or three. Then the hard part is developing them to the point that they are ready for market. It really is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Mini-Wizard: Any advice for young magicians, or any magicians?

Steve Fearson: I high suggest entering contests. Contrary to what some magicians may say about performing for other magicians, contests will give you the discipline you need to work as a pro in the real world. And I cannot recommend them highly enough when it comes to improving your act. I have never practiced and worked so hard on my magic as I have while preparing for contests.

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