Lyn Dillies


Lyn Dillies is one of magic's most successful touring magicians in the country. She was recently featured on the cover of MAGIC Magazine. Here is an article written about Lyn for
Boston Mini-Wizard.

"Whether pausing to fix her hair in the Origami mirror before placing it on the back of the illusion or exhibiting her choreography, Lyn Dillies personalizes her magic to reflect herself as a performer. This approach to magic must have worked since The Magic of Lvn has toured the nation with rave reviews. I recently got a chance to interview Lyn as she set up for the S.Y.M. #29 Banquet Show.

Lyn has been in magic for 23 years and started as a result of being inspired by the television series The Magician, starring Bill Bixby, whose character captured criminals with the aid of magic. A number of other performers from magicians to ice-skaters have also had an impact on Lyn. Not just magicians, but all performers who are passionate about what they do have influenced her. Included is the author of her favorite magic book Device and Illusion, Jim Steinmeyer. Jim's philosophy on his developments is "... not just something you forget about but something to keep coming back to." says Lyn. She feels similarly toward her favorite illusion in her show, Metamorphosis. Lyn favors this illusion not only because it is her finale but also because it is always a challenge.

As far as Lyn's ambitions for the future, she wants to become more nationally known but is quick to say that she does not want fame "... to the point of insanity." Well, the clock was ticking toward three o'clock--which was the time that the show started -so I had the chance to squeeze in one last question: "Any advice for young magicians?" Her reply: "Find out who you are as a performer, and don't let anyone stop you."

- J. Babayan for the Mini-Wizard"

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