How do I do it?


How do I come up with weekly posts of interviews with magicians? Well, I had a back log of them and now I am running out. This is where you come in-- please email with any interviews that you have conducted or that you have the rights to for me to publish.

By the way, this site has been an experiment for me. I have learned much by doing it. I have not made any money off this site, nor is that my goal. I placed links to Hank Lee's on these pages to see if I could cover some costs of the membership fee and counter. But I have not made any money and that's ok. I might take them off, anyway.

So if you submit an interview, rest assured that you are not contributing to a scheme for me to make a lot of money ( i.e. It would just be cool to see this thing keep going.

Good luck with all your interests!