Meir Yedid


Meir Yedid is an award-winning close-up magician, known for his finger magic. For many years he ran the daily updates for Yedid now runs a multi-media publishing company and series of website under I emailed him in 1998 and this is how he responded...

Mini-Wizard: How did you come up with the theme of you act? What inspired you?

Meir Yedid: In my opinion, evolution is one of the best ways to get an act. Do what you love, do it the best way you can, be yourself and over time everything will fall into place. One day you will realize that you will have an act that not only fits you but is an extension of yourself.

I have seen many teenage magicians create excellent acts but as they grew to be adults the act did not evolve with them and no longer fit. There are other ways to go--but the above works for me. And my act is still evolving from year to year, show to show and audience to audience.

Mini-Wizard: Do you have any tips, advice or suggestions for the youth in magic?

Meir Yedid: Don't try to be an overnight sensation. Work hard at what you like and you will eventually succeed. Be yourself.


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