John Calvert documentary review


Here is my review of John Calvert- His Magic and Adventures, now on DVD

John Calvert- His Magic and Adventures is a fitting tribute to a fascinating and inspiring man. Both magicians and non-magicians alike will find this film on John Calvert to be informative and entertaining. If you’ve heard the stories about John Calvert being a legendary magician with an incredible, “only-in-the-movies” life story, this film serves as a confirmation.

For magicians, a highlight of the film may be his on-camera performances, filmed throughout the decades-- much of which was recently shot at The Magic Castle. For non-magicians, you’ll enjoy the story of a man who has remained young at heart for nearly 100 years.

Imagine this-- seeing behind the scenes into the life of a legendary magician, one whose career has lasted 80+ years, and, for good reason. There isn’t a film like this on any magician, let alone a great one. Just watching John Calvert perform and listening to his advice scattered throughout the picture, you’ll have an opportunity to learn from the best. And it will inspire you to aspire to greatness. It’s well worth the small price of the DVD.

We all have something to benefit from learning about the life and career of John Calvert. He’s an expression of what’s possible in life. It was a story that needed to be told. Bravo!

You may buy the DVD here.