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Howard Thurston

"Howard Thurston's performance at the Palace Theatre, in Cleveland Ohio - October 26, 1932. To find out more about Howard Thurston please check out!"

John Calvert on Howard Thurston:

"...I saw the great Howard Thurston and I never forgot it, his music, the presentation and so-forth. When I was a kid we didn't quite t have magic clubs like you have now as a matter of fact I hadn't read a book on magic before I was doing a complete magic show. I had to create a lot of things that I had never even seen another magician do. And I remember Thurston did the Iash where the girl is drawn to the top of the theatre and fires a shot and she vanishes. Twenty-one years later I built one by memory. Now I often wondered whether it was as a little boy that figured how it was done or it was over a period of time as I became an adult that I figured out how it was done. And of course I think it was the latter."

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