David Kaye Part II


This is another email interview with David Kaye, aka Silly Billy. The first interview can be read here.

Also, Kaye's great book Seriously Silly can be found on his website, www.sillymagic.com

Where do you find inspiration for your magic performances?

David Kaye: I find inspiration in many places. First I read a lot about magic. Old magic books, new magic magazines. And I also see lots of magic shows. I can get an idea from an illusionist that I then use in my kid show.

But also I get inspiration from watching other kinds of art: movies, theater, stand up comedy, paintings, variety artists, like jugglers, clowns, performance art.

I never know where I am going to get an idea from. It is always exciting when I am struck with a good idea. As a form of advice I would tell other aspiring artists to always watch art other than their own medium.

Magicinterviews: How do you think New York City audiences differ from audience from other areas?

David Kaye: I would say in general new yorkers are more liberal and accepting. Audiences from other parts of the country will be offended more easlily than audiences from NY. Which means artists can try more new things in NY while they have to stick to the old and familiar in other parts of the country.

Part of the job of art is to push the envelope. That can happen in NY. But it's tough to push the envelope in communities that dont accept things and people who are different from themselves.

Magicinterviews: What are the pros and cons of managing clowns under the Silly Billy banner?

David Kaye: It is a tough business. I am always busy running the company and training clowns.

The idea is that I am supposed to make money at running my company. But the real advantage is that I am able to train new performers to be great entertainers. Then I send them for very little money to the poorest people in NY. And these people are very lucky to get a clown taught by me for their party. If I didnt train my people, these poor people would end up with very bad magicians at their party. Instead they get a great show and great memories.

The con is that it takes a lot of work to make that happen.


you can purchase David Kaye's book at your favorite magic dealer or directly from the author at